"Inspired by the smells of the natural world, Captain Blankenship set sail on her maiden voyage in 2009. The craft was built in San Francisco by me, Jana Blankenship, and now sails in the lush Hudson River Valley.  Since childhood I have had my nose wafting in the trees and flowers. As a young devotee, I mixed together my mother's perfumes to create signature perfumes like "Scents of Hawaii." This heavy mixing as a child led to an ongoing allergy to synthetic scents. My love of smells and desire for luxurious, natural products propels my exploration. All Captain Blankenship products are made with love by me using only organic, wildcrafted or natural ingredients.
To me, scent is a marker of place, time, and memory, struck by colored notes that resonate. I hope these products bring you as much pleasure as they bring me. Put them on your skin and let them grow."
-Jana Blankenship