Sweet Atchafalaya Essential Oil Fragrance

Sweet Atchafalaya Essential Oil Fragrance


Essential Oil Fine Fragrance

Notes of: Cypress - Rosewood - Rosemary

**A light scent of sweet wood and warm herbs that lingers like an afternoon drifting through Louisiana’s wetlands. 

“Through the Swamp a hush fell blanketing the moss. A heron, a gator, a hyacinth, including a culture of hard living and loss. We carve through the veins of a world unknown to most, the sweet sweet scent of home hits our face as we coast. Dreams of nature & Natives and Cajuns here lies. The spirit of Atchafalaya, a culture that never dies.” -Blake Hays

Sweet Atchafalaya is inspired by the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana, the heritage of Cajun culture & the roots of Village Common’s southern family, the Hays’. Sweet Atchafalaya is a light scent that lingers like an afternoon drifting through Louisiana’s wetlands.

Our 10ml essential oil fragrances continue our belief in an all natural products. They are a blend of Golden Jojoba oil & 100% natural essential oils. Roller baller applicator. ** 

Our Products are each unique and original to Village Common. Our scents are inspired by the American landscape and hand-crafted in small batches in the USA. Each scent is named for locations held near to our hearts - childhood homes, inspiring travels, our rich history - and is accompanied with an original poem, penned by owner Blake Hays, that is meant to capture the ephemeral essence of each scents namesake.

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