Highland Dell Environment Spray

Highland Dell Environment Spray

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Essential Oil Environment Spray

 Notes of: Clove Bud- Frankincense - Fir Needle

**A spicy, woody scent with the warmth, familiarity and comforts that only home can bring. 

“Highland Dell, I still remember. We’d return come the end of November. Harvest full and family near, around the hearth with constant cheer. Recipes shared and stories told, beside the table hands would hold. This place is close and dear to the heart, where all life sprung and loving start” -Blake Hays

Highland Dell, an 1800’s meeting house and family home, has been creating cherished memories for 3 generations. Near or far, home is ultimately “where the heart is.” Highland Dell is meant to inspire within us all the warmth, familiarity and comforts that only home can bring.

Our Environment Sprays are made with 100% natural ingredients; witch hazel extract, distilled water, and 100% natural essential oils. Perfect for your home, linens & body. Shake well, separation is natural.** 

Our Products are each unique and original to Village Common. Our scents are inspired by the American landscape and hand-crafted in small batches in the USA. Each scent is named for locations held near to our hearts - childhood homes, inspiring travels, our rich history - and is accompanied with an original poem, penned by owner Blake Hays, that is meant to capture the ephemeral essence of each scents namesake.

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