// Our Brands //

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Village Common Full circle

Village Common Full Circle embodies and embraces all of our brands // past, present, future // and emphasizes the Village Common Ethos carried throughout our company and products. Never any compromise, we strictly use natural, pure plant based ingredients. We strive to design a lifecycle into our products to reduce waste and recycle the beauty in our world.



Our ORIGINAL Collection Logo

Our Original and American Landscape Collection logo is the intertwining of our two families, embracing both our history and heritage giving representation to our inspiration and history.

The Village Common banner represents three generations of the Pirone/Lebel family, hugging a branch of the Bald Cypress, the state tree of Louisiana and home to the Hays family. 


Our Garden Collection

Our newest collection is inspired by Mom’s Garden and meant to give a new meaning and appreciation to the candles and scents in our lives.
Our Garden Collection candles carry our all natural ethos of our Landscape Collection and infused with 100% pure essential oils. Each candle comes packaged in a reusable cotton bag, hand stamped with original artwork (seen here) and includes an organic seed pack of the scents namesake to enjoy for years after your candles have burned away.

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the common

We are always // to a fault // working on something new. Stay tuned for more updates on the launch of our newest brand The Common!


// Our Village Common Story //

Our Story started long before we ever met, and long before we were even born. Two families and their unique stories and passions would inevitably combine to become the beginning of “Our” Story. 

  Village Common is a dream three generations in the making, spanning over 40 years. We are continuing our families passion, rooted in bringing authentic, unique, and well-made products to the community. 

  Beginning in 1968, and from where we get our name, the first Village Common opened its doors in Avenel, New Jersey. It was run by Grandma Bernadette, current owner Ben Lebel’s grandmother. In its first incarnation, Village Common was an antique store of carefully selected, fine pieces from all eras. Grandma Bernadette also had beautiful plants and flowers for sale on the front porch that always attracted passers by to stop in. 

  In 1984, the Village Common moved to Stroudsburg, Pa., on the property of the Stroudsmoor Country Inn, and was 

re-imagined into a country store by Susan Lebel, Bernadette’s daughter and Ben’s mother. Antiques were still available alongside candles, soaps, homemade canned goods, and unique gift ideas. Susan has since blossomed this once country store into a thriving floral and decor studio. 

  From our southern roots, Billy Hays, current owner Blake Hays’ grandfather, opened his first country store in Pineville, Louisiana in 1960. It served as a vintage bodega; offering local produce and custom goods. Because of the construction of the new “American Highway”, Billy moved and opened his second store in 1978. This time offering mouth watering barbecue and other country store favorites. After years of serving his community, he decided to close the doors to his store. 

  Blake Hays and Benjamin Lebel bring to you a new installment of these family traditions blended together. Creating handmade, natural apothecary goods, kindled by their family history, Ben and Blake are continuing the legacy of the Village Common.

“...Village Common is a dream coming true. 

Our relationship has brought our families and their traditions

together and together we bring you Village Common...”


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// some ol'timey photos of Village Common PAst //